Beware, police control!

Together against discriminatory police stops

The police have set up special areas in some places in Chemnitz, so-called "dangerous places". Allegedly, these are crime hotspots. There, the police have extended rights and can carry out checks without any reason. No information is published about which places are affected. People in Chemnitz can therefore never know whether they are currently in a so-called "dangerous place". According to experience, more racial profiling happens at these places, i.e. that people who are not white are checked more frequently than white people. This is prohibited by law. The practice of "dangerous places" makes Chemnitz an unsafe place for migrants, BIPoC, refugees and young people.

Important to know

What are the police allowed to do in "dangerous places"?

  • Check ID documents
  • Search persons and their belongings
  • If identity cannot be established: take person to a police station
  • If items carried are considered dangerous: confiscate items

What are affected people allowed to do?

  • Ask for the legal basis and the reason for the control
  • Request a search only by persons of the same sex
  • Demand that the police officers give their names, service numbers or precincts
  • Refuse to make a statement. Only the following information must be provided: Name, date of birth, place of birth, nationality and registration address
  • Do not make any cash payments!
  • DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING! (Police often urge to waive objection or appeal)
  • Object to the measure and demand that the police document the objection
  • In case of arrest: demand the right to contact a lawyer, a confidant and an interpreter

What can I do after a control?

  • Memory log: Write down as precisely as possible what happened
  • In case of physical violence: Have a medical examination and confirmation of injuries as soon as possible

Seek support and get advice on your options, such as:

What can I do if I become a witness?

  • It is important what the affected person needs and wants. Ask for it!
  • Contact the affected person and offer support: Is interpretation needed? Should a confidant be informed?
  • Ask the police about the legal basis for their actions and point out the prohibition of discriminatory controls (racial profiling).
  • Ask the police for name and service number
  • Collect contacts from other witnesses
  • Document the course of the check
  • After the control: exchange contact details with the affected person
  • Report incident (anonymously)

  Report incident

Have you witnessed an incident of discriminatory police behavior or are you affected yourself? Write to us what happened. If you would like advice or support, please leave us your contact details so that we can get in touch with you. You can also report the incident anonymously. We will only include your report anonymously in our documentation and statistics.

Information about the incident

Who was affected in the incident?*

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Alternatively, you can also send us an email:



Have you experienced or observed discrimination or violence by the police? Get information and support here.

The counseling services are confidential, free of charge and, if desired, anonymous. Please feel free to contact one of the two contact points listed below:

Antidiskriminierungsb├╝ro Sachsen e.V.
Regionalstelle Chemnitz

Jakobikirchplatz 2
09111 Chemnitz

 0371.43 30 84 61

Beratungsstelle Support
des RAA Sachsen e.V.

Henriettenstra├če 5
09112 Chemnitz

 0371.4 81 94 51

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